About Me

Sr. Learning, Marcomm & Design Consultant

Driven by a mission to advance digital transformation initiatives within large, complex organizations, I am passionate about the power of knowledge management and delivering impactful learning experiences that result in behavioural and cultural change, increase efficiencies, and ultimately improve performance. I am an experienced consultant and strategist with significant EdTech, MarTech, e-learning authoring and business communications skills with a master's degree in strategic marketing and communications.

I have successfully contributed to crucial learning and communication strategies within organizations, large and small, public and private, in confronting complex challenges related to learning and development ecosystems (LMSs, CMSs, Intranets, digital properties). In addition, I build innovative applied learning experiences and knowledge management ecosystems that are human-centred, technology-enabled, iterative and results-driven for organizations with a vested interest in advancing digital transformation.

Whether it is content strategy, learning delivery mechanisms, knowledge management or systems alignment and integration, I am a confident problem solver focusing on service delivery and understanding that each organization is unique.

Core Competencies

  • Stakeholder, SME and leadership engagement
  • Public sector integrated learning, communications and martech strategy and execution
  • Knowledge management product design
  • Visual Design - expert Adobe user
  • Interactive Design - animation, learning objects and digital products
  • UX/LXD design and facilitation
  • User stories & journeys
  • Persona development
  • SOSTAC planning and strategy
  • Paid and non-paid integrated social campaigns (Google, FB, TW, IG)
  • Strategic planning and thought leadership
  • Reporting, analytics, metrics and BI

A selection of my work

It begins with strategy, research and collaboration.

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Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary

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Masters in International Strategic Marketing, University of Northamption

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Graduate Studies in Education, University of Calgary

UX addresses the user journey, while LXD addresses the user's journey in the learning process. The core focus in both is WHO and WHY.

Academic Work

Using business as a force for good.